Persistence Pays: REI's Black Friday Genius

Recently the outdoorsy retailer REI made a huge splash in the news.  Google REI Black Friday and you will get page after page of major news outlets going nuts over their announcement to close all their stores on Black Friday.  Not only are they closing the stores they are paying their employees to go outside instead of going shopping.  Clearly a bold move on the nations highest revenue day for retail companies.  

The Washington Post points out that a big factor in REI's decision is that they are a cooperative.  The Post explains...

REI is a consumer co-op, and the largest in the country. Like some credit unions and food co-ops, its membership base is composed of its customers. Yet, though REI has held that structure for 75 years, it's something the outdoor retailer is increasingly showcasing—due in part to growing desire among Americans to spend money at companies that share their values.

When you stick to your boundaries in the face of an entire culture heading in the opposite direction it is a sign of integrity and leadership that compels people to follow your lead.  REI has formed it's business on this model.  It is a collective of people who value persistence and when it states that publicly it re-engages its target market and unintentionally becomes the news darling for an entire month.

If you want to up your persistence skill you might consider exploring Leading Out of Drama or LOD.  LOD defines persistence as...

Persistence - sticking with it; dependability; perseverance; courage; and an undying optimism.

In the Leading Out of Drama training you learn strategies for being persistent and practice the skill until it is a natural rhythm of your communication.  Persistent people state their boundaries and commitments, aspire to quality, and accept responsibility and make it right.  If these are tough things for you naturally LOD can help!

As REI is finding out when you utilize persistence well the whole world pays attention and many will follow you to your destination.

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