December's Training Schedule

I guess this is my own version of cyber Monday. I am offering a discount on the December training courses for this week only.  If you'd like to get a taste of Process Communication Model or Leading Out of Drama this is your chance!  

Enter discount code: DECEMBER for 20% off the courses!

December 14: Process Communication Model Experiencing Excellence: PCM is an applied, practical methodology for appreciating the impact of personality differences and maximizing their contribution. In PCM: Experiencing Excellence you will learn about personality preferences through behavioral observation, adapt your communication to connect, motivate, and resolve conflict with different personalities.  Through extended learning you can also explore applications for a range of business challenges such as physical environments, incentive systems, leadership development, performance evaluation, marketing, and customer service. 

December 15: Leading Out of Drama Core Topics: LOD Core Concepts introduces the theory and concepts of Next Element’s Cycle of Compassionate Change. This course will launch you on a journey of self-discovery, give you new insights for dealing with personal and professional drama, and set the stage for our advanced conflict-resolution courses.