How to Argue with Kim Davis

Recently on Facebook I've seen this video about the Kentucky clerk Kim Davis posted with some frequency.  It is an incredibly thorough dismantling of her stance against issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.  In it Ben Swann calmly and rationally lays out definitions, history, facts, and hard evidence to help the viewer see the complete lack of logic in Kim Davis' choice.  

I love this video.....and it won't mean anything to Kim Davis.

I imagine if Kim Davis watched this video she would miss nearly the entire argument.  It is not lack of intelligence, but because Kim Davis' preferred lens for understanding the world is opinions and not thoughts.

People who view the world through opinions are looking for moral backbone.  They want to know what you believe in and that you will be firm in those beliefs.  Agreement is not always required, conviction is!  (look at Bill O'Riley and John Stewarts strange mutual respect).  So when Kim Davis hears Ben Swanns logic and reasoning she may leave still wondering...."What do you believe?"

My guess is that Mr. Swann wasn't actually trying to change her mind, but rather show with certainty from his own perceptual framework that this was a poor choice.  People who see the world through thoughts like Mr. Swann prize logic, research, and well defined arguments.  For Mr. Swann the idea that someone would believe just because they believe is bankrupt.  

Ben Swan and Kim Davis get to make a choice.  They can choose to be justified and continue to talk past eachother, which is great for publicity and ratings.  Or they can choose to shift their energy to match the language of the people they are trying to convince.  

This decision is played out daily in your home, work, school, clubs, or anywhere else people exist together.  The content may be your child's homework, the best presentation tool, a health tip or any other endless topic that make up our lives.  While it doesn't go viral in the same way we can choose to remain justified in our miscommunication.  

"Don't they see how logical this all is?  How stupid can you be?"

"I don't care about the research I know I'm right, if you were more committed you'd see that too."

Or we can choose to shift our energy to become effective.

"Your opinions matter to me.  Will you share what you believe?"

"You seem well informed on this issue.  Do you have any research that might help us make a decision?"

What choice will you make?  

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