People who say, "I'm Going Drama Free" are liars.


I love when people get fired up about using the tools of compassionate accountability and adaptive communication. By the end of a training you can see folks realizing their potential and applying the tools in new ways and unexpected context. And then almost without fail someone in the room states the goal, "From now on...I'm going Drama Free!"

Of course this is a bold faced lie.

These tools won't eliminate drama from your life. In fact, if anything you'll only be more aware of drama's pervasive and never ending nature. The goal isn't elimination, it is strategy and recovery. 

Strategy sets you up for success. This means knowing the right behaviors to stay healthy and in a good frame of mind as often as possible. It means having effective tools for assessing, connecting, and motivating your self and the people around you. The tools I use offer great resources for strategy.

Recovery helps you learn and grow when it goes wrong. Recovery is the ability to fail and still have a team that can live out it's mission in the world. When you do experience drama, which you will, recovery is the skill to own up and make it right.

So if you are looking to end drama in your workplace forever please don't contact me. But if you want good strategy and better recovery skills you will love what we have to offer!

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