Self Awareness Quiz

For most of my life when I was experiencing distress I would fail at answering the most obvious question, "What's the matter?"

My co-workers, family, and friends would ask this question out of genuine concern only to receive the most unsatisfying of all answers....."I don't know."

The problem was multi-fold. Here are a few of the many...

1. Often my distress was tied to a root issue that I had been repressing, making the pain less immediate and more like a lingering achy-ness.

2. I wasn't actually looking for solutions, just pity. My mom use to say, "When you're a grump, you don't spare anyone."

3. My only strategies for dealing with my stuff were borrowed from people who didn't understand the world like me. Like the coach who said, "suck it up" or the friend who invited me to "be more committed to my causes." The projection of their favorite motivators only pissed me off.

The common theme? I was completely unaware of what was going on within me. 

Are you self aware? This is often the first hurtle of coaching relationships. Just naming the crap from within.  

Take this short quiz to get your self awareness score. Want improvement?  You can sign up for a coaching session today!

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