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April 3-5: PCM Seminar 1 in Wichita, KS

PCM is an applied, practical methodology for appreciating the impact of personality differences and maximizing their contribution. In PCM: Core Topics you will learn how to identify personality preferences through behavioral observation, adapt your communication to connect, motivate, and resolve conflict with different personalities.  You will explore applications for a range of business challenges such as physical environments, incentive systems, leadership development, performance evaluation, marketing, and customer service.   This course is required to move toward PCM trainer certification.

April 6: LOD Core 2.0 in Wichita, KS

LOD Core Concepts introduces the theory and concepts of Next Element’s Cycle of Compassionate Change. This course will launch you on a journey of self-discovery, give you new insights for dealing with personal and professional drama, and set the stage for our advanced conflict-resolution courses. 

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