Resistance is Futile

Things I hate: Feeling scared. Feeling angry. Feeling sad.


Nobody likes these difficult emotions, and so, we resist! We put up all sorts of barriers up so that we don't have to feel these things or deal with their consequences. 

This resistance, of course, is dumb. It only leads to more pain and more costly consequences.

Bottled up anger turns into rage.

Bottled up fear turns into paranoid suspicion.

Bottled up sadness turns into frustrated anger.

It's like some kind of distorted fermentation process that poisons us from the inside out and turns us against self or against each other, and often both. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to take a look at these difficult emotions and offer strategies for expressing them in healthy ways. 

From the get-go I want to be upfront that there is no easy way around these emotions. Most of my advice will be to deal with them up front, in person, and without delay! 

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