PCM for Missional Effectiveness

With the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Great Plains Clergy Excellence Team I will be facilitating a retreat style continuing education opportunity for UMC clergy in Kansas and Nebraska.  If you'd like to participate in Process Communication Model Core Topics and Leading Out of Drama Core Topics this program will be an in depth approach to learn and apply new tools for your ministry setting.  Learn more about the program at  www.greatplains.org/pcm.

PCM and LOD are just tools.  Like all tools they can sit idle, be used incorrectly, or offer the right leverage for the right job.  In my own experience the more I learned about the tool the better I have become at applying it and gaining the fruit of that labor.  Here are some of the ways it has been helpful.

Staff Meetings: By increasing effective communication and decreasing negative conflict we were able to cut staff meetings in half saving time for our staff and money for our church.  Even with less face to face time our staff raised the level of trust and accountability within our team.

Clergy Morale: A pastor is under constant and inconsistent scrutiny from their congregation.  The PCM and LOD tools help you determine when criticism is healthy and informative; and gives you practical minute by minute strategies for responding when criticism is given from a person in distress.   PCM will also give options for staying emotionally healthy in difficult settings.

Pastoral Care: PCM gives pastors a tool for understanding the diversity of care that our congregation members require.  With PCM pastors will be able to assess behaviors, offer appropriate responses, and build trust which can lead to transformation relationships.  This tool will allow you to approach each person with confidence that you can care for them in an authentic way.  

Compassionate Conflict: The tools within LOD will allow pastors to enter into conflict with Christ-like compassion.  Negative conflict, or drama, is when we struggle against self and others.  LOD gives step by step approach to use conflict as energy for creating a better workplace, church, and relationships.  

These are only a few of the applications that you will gain by participating in PCM for Missional Effectiveness.  Sign up today at www.greatplains.org/pcm