A Parents Guide...Take the Myths and Drama out of Relating to Your Kids

Ashley and I are partnering with Next Element to write a book applying the tools of PCM and LOD to parenting.  

In April of this year we had the pleasure of attending the Next Element PCM trainer summit.  Part of the two day event was face time with Taibi Kahler Ph.D, who discovered PCM, and Gerard Collignon, current owner of Kahler Communication.  It was inspiring to hear of their vision for PCM as we move forward.  As we drove home after we felt as if we'd been given a new permission to share the usefulness of this tool in  ways that have been meaningful for us.  

When asked of PCM's greatest potential Dr. Kahler mentioned his desire for the model to infiltrate homes so that families could connect in deeper ways.  As two good harmonizers Ashley and I both swooned!  Without question PCM's application within our family has been the most important use of the tool.  The result of Dr. Kahler's encouragement and Gerard Collignon's permission giving has inspired Ashley and I to begin writing a book that will help parents relate to their kids by applying the tools of PCM and LOD.

We'd like your help!  We are looking for stories from people who have used the model with success in their homes.  If you'd like to share your story use the google form found here:  http://goo.gl/forms/MjU13F4adK