PCM for Missional Effectiveness

What: This program includes 4 multi-day sessions and teaches the core seminar of Process Communication Model and all three workshops from Leading Out of Drama.  Specially designed for Great Plains Annual Conference Clergy and church workers this program is in partnership with the GPUMC Clergy Excellence Team.  Participating in this course will meet your continuing education requirement for the year.

Missional Effectiveness: Clergy and church workers who take PCM for missional effectiveness will be able to connect with their congregations, motivate people where they are, and avoid distress in self and others.  By taking the course over 4 sessions participants will move from knowledge of the material to practical application. They will develop a self care plan that includes understanding their own failure mechanisms and self care needs.  Clergy and church workers will be able to use their skills in worship, pastoral care, strategic planning, staff relations, managing and recruiting volunteers, and more.  

About Trainer: PCM4ME will be facilitated by Rev. Adam Barlow-Thompson.  Adam is the Executive Pastor at Woodlawn UMC in Derby, KS.  At Woodlawn Adam has helped make PCM a cultural norm training over 220 churchgoers, using PCM to form staff covenants and evaluations, and launching a worship service rooted in PCM knowledge.  Research on Adam’s work was published in the Journal of Process Communication.  His paper can be found here and blogs can be found here.

Course Schedule:

  • Session 1: PCM Core Topics: Oct. 5, 10am-Oct. 7, 3:30pm

    The first session would cover the basic introduction to PCM.
  • Session 2: Practicing Skills and Leading Out of Drama Core Topics: Nov. 30, 10am-Dec. 1, 3:30pm

    Participants will be asked to show their grasp of the PCM content by practicing exercises.  Those who grasp of the PCM content will have a stronger ability to connect, motivate, and avoid distress.  This session would also include the introductory seminary for Leading Out of Drama.
  • Session 3: Process Skills and Leading Out of Drama Intrapersonal: Jan. 21, 12pm-Jan 22, 3:30pm (Immediately following Orders and Fellowship)

    Participants will be given exercises to show the uses of PCM in the ministry setting.  The second session of LOD will help deal with the internal dialogue of conflict.
  • Session 4: Practical Application and Leading Out of Drama Interpersonal: Feb. 22, 10am-Feb. 23, 3:30pm              The final session will help clergy apply key learning to their ministry setting and would include the final session of Leading Out of Drama curriculum.  

Location: All sessions will be in Salina, KS.  Conference will make arrangements for lodging, meals, and facilitation space.  

If you'd like a PCM4ME in Nebraska sign up for a waiting list here and offer a preferred location.

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Cancellation Policy: To receive a full refund, minus a $50 processing fee, cancellations must be received three weeks prior to the program start date.  Cancellations made fewer than three weeks in advance, or after a profile has been ordered, are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.  No refunds will be given once a course has started.  SoCe Leads reserves the right to cancel a course if less than the minimum number of participants enroll.  Full refunds will be made should such cancellation be required.

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Leading Out of Drama was developed by Next Element Consulting LCC.  Their approach draws on evidence-based best practices, a decade of outcomes research, and experience across multiple organizational, cultural, and team environments. Leading out of Drama helps leaders and their teams to:

  1. Identify drama behaviors and how they impact your strategic efforts
  2. Increase self-awareness and personal responsibility for stopping drama
  3. Enforce rules of engagement to ensure Drama doesn’t sabotage forward movement
  4. Engage in positive conflict around the most important issues
  5. Facilitate innovation, goal-setting, and rapid-cycle change
  6. Make decisions efficiently and with accountability

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the non-clinical communication and management methodology derived from Dr. Kahler's research. PCM can be used in every aspect of one's life, in every personal and business interaction.

At the core of PCM training is learning to identify another person's primary, or "Base" personality type, primarily through the language that he or she uses, and the unique communication styles, psychological needs, behaviors and other characteristics of each of the six personality types.