PCM is Magic!

How to win over the scariest person you know...

We were at kindergarten round up this week and a veteran parent said, "That's the office Secretary. She's pretty scary, so be sure to get on her good side." When it was her time to speak she exhibited clear behavior of the Thinker PCM type and immediately I knew what to do.

After the event my wife and I went up and said, "Thank you for all your work getting this organized. The information was clear and helpful. We are looking forward to attending such a well run school."  You could see her swell with achievement and pride.

While other parents fear her, I see her as a gift and PCM is the tool for unlocking that gift. That's why PCM is magic! If you want some of that magic register this week for two days of training and get some great discounts! Look for the June 14-15 combo option when registering and get 20% the regular cost!

Hope to see you soon!

September 25-26: Process Communication Model 2 Day Discount!

When: September 25-26

Where: Neighboring Movement Office, 417 E. Gilbert, Wichita, KS 67211

What: PCM is an applied, practical methodology for appreciating the impact of personality differences and maximizing their contribution. This offer is for both June 14 Experiencing Excellence and June 15 Communication Essentials. You will receive the complete PCM overview and a day of specific PCM skill building. Plus get 20% off the regular cost! You will learn how to identify personality preferences through behavioral observation, adapt your communication to connect, motivate, and resolve conflict with different personalities. You will explore applications for a range of business challenges such as physical environments, incentive systems, leadership development, performance evaluation, marketing, and customer service.   

See a video about PCM here: http://youtu.be/ICLzqIexSTI

Non-Profit rates available on request.

Coaching Package: To maximize your learning experience, consider our supplemental coaching package.  A variety of options are available.

Cancellation Policy: To receive a full refund, minus a $50 processing fee, cancellations must be received three weeks prior to the program start date.  Cancellations made fewer than three weeks in advance, or after a profile has been ordered, are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.  No refunds will be given once a course has started.  Adam BT reserves the right to cancel a course if less than the minimum number of participants enroll.  Full refunds will be made should such cancellation be required. 

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