I'm Adam Barlow-Thompson. That's me in the picture with the banjo. With lots of joy and humor I partner with individuals and organizations to craft cultures of compassionate accountability. As sojourners we move from pain to awareness and from drama to compassion.  I believe there is unlimited potential in our real human relationships at work, home, and with friends. I am a certified trainer in Process Communication Model and Leading Out of Drama; and co-founder of Neighboring Movement.org a non-profit in Wichita, KS. Click here to learn about some of the tools I use. 

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Adam brings a humanness to his work that is rare in the world of training and consulting. He blends expert knowledge and experience with real-life application in a way that connects with his audience. Adam journeys with his participants as a partner, making the training experience safe and fun while also challenging. Rarely will you find such a wonderful blend of humility, competence, and compassion. Adam represents the things that Next Element values. We are proud to recommend him and work alongside him.
— Nate Regier, Phd, Founding Co-Owner of Next Element Consulting LCC, Certifying Master PCM Trainer and Author of "Conflict Without Casualties"